Cyber Threat Sensor AI

Put a SOC in your pocket*

Enterprise-grade, AI-powered threat detection and response

*SOC: Security Operations Center

Powered by Machine, Validated by Humans

CTS-AI is an NDR (network detection and response) solution that protects your AWS applications and data directly in the cloud, without the need for dedicated hardware or cybersecurity experts.

Fueled by a global security intelligence ecosystem from NTT and WhiteHat, CTS-AI detects and responds to threats automatically, protecting you in ways you might never imagine.

What sets CTS-AI apart from other solutions is our expansive human-validated threat intelligence ecosystem. In addition to scanning global internet traffic and curating threat data from over 100 intelligence and over 50 partner feeds, new threats are validated by our expert analysts around the world to ensure accurate contextualization and prioritization.

A Cloud-Native Service for Network Detection and Response

CTS-AI’s “low effort” onboarding is simply a matter of subscribing and spending just a few minutes to get started.

Our Global Security Ecosystem

CTS-AI is part of a larger enterprise-grade threat detection Ecosystem matured over the last 20+ years.

The Ecosystem is servicing a truly global client estate which empowers CTS-AI with unparalleled insights of the threat landscape which are used to continuously improve Machine-Learning and Threat Intelligence capabilities. This combines to ensure swift and accurate detection and response of security incidents.

Ecosystem highlights:

  • 1500+ MSS Clients of all sizes, cross all verticals, across all continents
  • 2000+ Severe Security Incidents detected and handled monthly
  • Security Analysts in six Security Operations Centers (SOCs) continuously teaching the Ecosystem on your behalf
  • Unique access to Internet backbone (Tier-1) has the Ecosystem proactively identify and respond to emerging threats

How CTS-AI Works

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Security that Never Sleeps

CTS-AI operates in the background 24/7, continuously detecting and responding to threats to your AWS environment.

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Accurate Threat Detection

With CTS-AI, companies of any size can benefit from the same human-validated, enterprise-grade threat intelligence developed by NTT and WhiteHat Security.

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Automated Responses

You can set up CTS-AI to respond to conditions you specify such as automatically blocking traffic considered malicious or suspicious.

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Notifications and Reports

With the CTS-AI app, you will receive immediate notifications directly to your devices. CTS-AI also generates detailed reports make it easy to understand the frequency and severity of threats over time.

Is CTS-AI For You?

As if these times aren’t challenging enough, new cyber threats are targeting companies of ALL sizes—not just big enterprises. You cannot afford to ignore these threats. If you have one or more workloads in the cloud and are finding it difficult to maintain a  multi-layer security posture, CTS-AI can be a virtual game changer. It’s easy to use, very affordable, and deadly accurate. Click "Assess Your Risk" to find out if CTS-AI is for you.

Easy, Fast, Rock Solid

Cloud-Native Simplicity

No hardware, no software, no configuration. No sweat!

Fully Automated and Always On

Working continuously in the background, CTS-AI’s fully automated threat detection and response lets you rest assured that your network is protected 24/7.

Vigilance on a Global Scale

The onslaught of new cyber threats never ends. To counter this, our global threat intelligence ecosystem and expert analysts monitor threats continuously assuring that CTS-AI is always up to date.

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Industry Leading Accuracy

CTS-AI is powered by the same human-validated, threat intelligence engine curated by NTT and WhiteHat Security for large and medium-sized enterprises but with pricing and simplicity designed for smaller enterprises and applications.

Using just your mobile phone, you can leverage over 100 threat intelligence feeds from NTT’s global security operations center (SOC) network plus data from more than 50 of our security ecosystem partners.

It’s literally the same as having an enterprise-grade SOC in the palm of your hand with continuously refreshed threat intelligence that is reviewed and validated by a worldwide army of expert security analysts.

Security Incident Validation and Response

Historical Tracking and Persistent Threat Detection Individual events and notifications that are not considered threats, may not trigger user notifications by themselves. But over time, a series of seemingly innocuous events, may collectively reveal patterns that can be of serious concern.

Operating quietly in the background, CTS-AI constantly tracks and analyzes historical events to detect these suspicious patterns and will send notifications and responses if they are deemed harmful.

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Cloud-Scale Elasticity

With the proper cyber protection, it is possible to scale your business without expanding your attack surface.

With its simple, cloud-native elastic consumption model, CTS-AI lets you scale up (or down) with your cloud workloads depending on your bandwidth needs.