CTS-AI—Put a SOC in your Pocket

Length: 2:21

The birth of digital accessibility and opportunity has enabled turning ideas into fruition with growth and opportunity. However this has also opened the window of threat to enterprises of all sizes—cybersecurity has never been a greater consideration.

Cyber Threat Sensor-AI is a virtual game changer that responds to threats automatically taking the complexity out of the equation. Easily consumable via simple mobile interfaces, CTS-AI keeps you secure, all with convenience and ease that fits inside your pocket.

About CTS-AI—Getting Started

Length: 1:43

This video will show you how simple it is to get you started with CTS-AI allowing you to activate our 24/7 threat detection and response in just a few minutes. Topics include subscribing through the AWS Marketplace, enrolling your devices, registering your organization and users and personalizing CTS-AI with your preferences.