What is required to enable CTS-AI monitoring of my AWS VPC environment(s)?

CTS-AI is a self-subscription and self-management service that is very easy to get started with. Once subscribed, you will be taken through a few simple steps followed by the CTS-AI self-provisioning making the required changes to your VPC environment to enable monitoring. Refer to the instructions about the AWS Subscription and Setup.

How do I interact with the CTS-AI service?

Once you subscribe, you can interact with CTS-AI service on a web browser or download one of our mobile apps for Google Android or Apple iOS.

How much traffic can CTS-AI analyze?

CTS-AI is capable of analyzing traffic up to 4 Gbps. The free version of CTS-AI currently analyzes traffic up to 100 Mbps. If you need additional capacity, please contact us.

Do the CTS-AI sensors run in my VPC environment?

Yes, the CTS-AI sensor runs inside your AWS environment.


How do I manage the CTS-AI service and sensors?

Aside from simply adding to or removing CTS-AI sensors from your environment, no additional service management is required.

How do I know if the CTS-AI service monitoring my environment is healthy and performing as expected?

A simple health dashboard showing the current health and load of the sensors subscribed is provided in your CTS-AI app.

Threat Detection

How can such a simple system detect the sophisticated threats of today?

Despite being so easy to set up and use, CTS-AI is a very sophisticated threat detection and response platform powered by the same analysis engine and threat intelligence feeds from multiple 24/7 Security Operations Centers around the world used by NTT Security's Managed Detection and Response service. What makes CTS-AI so simple and yet powerful, is the fact that we continually train it for you, so no action or updates are required from you as a subscriber.

How does the CTS-AI service actually detect threats?

CTS-AI analyzes client network traffic using an Analysis Engine with multi-layered Advanced Analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Threat Behavior Modeling, Machine-learning, Reputation, Pattern and Correlation) threat detection techniques. These capabilities are trained continuously with updated coverage and threat intelligence data derived from NTT Security’s Managed Detection and Response service and our 24/7 Security Operations Centers worldwide.

What threat intelligence does the CTS-AI use?

CTS-AI detection capabilities are continuously retrained and updated based on a multitude of threat intelligence and threat research initiatives and organizations within the NTT Group. These include flow analysis of traffic traversing, the NTT Group Tier-1 internet backbone that enables proactive identification of threat actors and their environments, before a threat campaign is put in motion. Also contributing to the CTS-AI massive threat intelligence are derived results from multiple 24/7 Security Operation Centers across the world.

What tuning or updates are required for CTS-AI to remain effective in my VPC environment(s)?

CTS-AI is an AI driven service that we update continuously in the background so businesses like yours do not have to spend any time tuning, training or updating the system.

What feedback can I expect from a security incident escalation from the CTS-AI service?

CTS-AI reports are designed to support incident response activities and to shorten the time needed to take appropriate actions. The reports include a high-level summary of incidents detected, details of the security incident life-cycle and actionable recommendations.


How much does CTS-AI cost?

CTS-AI is a free online service that can be accessed via both a browser and our mobile apps. Please note that your cloud provider may charge you directly for any additional bandwidth or processing you consume when you use our service.


Can I use the CTS-AI to monitor environments other than AWS VPCs?

At this time, the free version of CTS-AI is only available for AWS environments although we will be supporting other cloud providers in the near future. For securing other environments, especially those associated with higher traffic or large enterprise-scale infrastructures, (traditional IT infrastructure, Cloud, OT environments) we recommend you look into NTT Security and the Threat Detection Services.

How does CTS-AI integrate with my existing security routines and security controls?

If you require custom integrations, API support or have additional requirements, please feel free to contact us.