The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to enroll and configure your devices

  • You can access the CTS-AI via the browser here, or download the Android or iOS versions
  • Open your CTS-AI app and sign in
sign in
  • Navigate to the devices screen and click on the plus sign on the top right
device list plus button
  • Here, you must paste the init key and choose a device name, then click 'enroll'
enroll device
  • After enrolling, return to AWS and find the relevant EC2 Nitro instance(s) and click on the Tags tab, and then click on 'Manage tags'
AWS Nitro
  • On this screen you must add the following tag:
    • Key: ntt::cts:instance::tag
    • Value: true
  • Click on 'Save' and the instance will be monitored within 60 minutes.
AWS key value
  • On the CTS-AI app, go to devices to confirm the enrollment was successful.
  • If you want to enable Active Response (automatic blocking of malicious hosts), you need to assign the CTS managed ACL to one or more networks. Navigate to VPC / Network ACLs, check 'CTS Active Response' and click on the tab 'Subnet associations'. Click on 'Edit subnet associations'
AWS subnet associations
  • Now, select one or more networks you want to protect and click on 'Save changes'
AWS subnet